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Brand Avatar & Influencer



Brand Avatar & Influencer

Mello is a young Indian women settled in New York. She has completed her Bachelors in Social Work and doing a part time brand influencer job at ArtistinBox. Mello will be contributing a profit percentage of selling her brands for Charity, Child welfare and Women Empowerment .


Enriched with herbs

Herbsmello, A Jcommerce Technology Private Limited Initiative launched in 2023 in partnership with various licensed herbal manufacturing units located in Kinfra, Trivandrum, Kerala. Glow with herbs and Cure with Herbs are the two categories tagged to Herbsmello Products. We provide a comprehensive range of Skin Care and Natural Products with our core values of excellence and caring. 

Herbsmell, XMello
Herbsmello Moisturizer, X Mello
Herbsmello, X Mello

Cure with Herbs

Herbsmello Moisturizing lotion is a balancing blend for pain and inflammation. Apply repeatedly in areas with pain and odemas. It has a grease free effect with the addition of camphor and lemongrass oil. Handy to carry and an instant care for your joints.

Foot Care Balm

Cure with Herbs

The Herbsmello foot care balm is enriched with ingredients like bee wax and lavender that helps to moisturize and nourish the skin on your feet. It provides deep hydration, making your skin softer and smoother. The formulation of this foot balm is designed to repair and heal cracked heels. It helps to soothe and soften rough, dry skin, promoting the healing process.

Herbsmello FootCare Balm, X Mello
Saffron Cream.jpg
Saffron Cream

Glow with herbs

Restore the glow with the magical touch of Saffron threads, Lotus Petals, Badam and Red Sandalwood. Herbsmello Saffron Cream is a combination of skin toning drugs crafted for an everlasting glow and shine of your skin. The combination is an elixir for skin health and complexion.


Enriched with Saffron

Herbsmello Clear is enriched with the saffron and other herbs, this natural facial pack is the best skin whitening face cream. This herbal face pack deeply cleanses the pores over your skin and makes you look bright, regaining your natural glow.

HerbsMello Herbal Face Cream.jpg
Pain Relief Balm, Herbsmello
Pain Relief Balm

Cure with Herbs

Suffering from muscular pain or general body ache? Headache coming between your day-to-day routine? Try our Herbsmello Pain Balm effective in helping you get rid of discomfort and provide natural relief.


Lightbox Di Suite, Trivandrum, 695371

Email: | Tel: +91 790726580

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