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A moisturizer with the richness of ksheerabala blend. Delivers equal or better values than ksheerabala oil, due to its consistency and topical absorption levels. Ksheerabala is used in rejuvenating the skin, calm the nervous system, eliminating impurities, strengthen muscles and tone them, increase mental alertness. This helps to relax body muscles and is of good help for body builders as it tones up muscles. Regularization of sleep and slowing down of ageing process are other added advantages of Hebsmello Healing Essence Moisturizer.

Herbsmello Moisturizer - Healing Essence

  •  Marketing & Rebranding JCommerce PVT LTD / HERBSMELLO
    Country of Origin ‎India
    Item model number JCOM1120
    Product Dimensions 100 ml, 200 ml
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