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Prepared out of Bala Aswagandhadi blend.It is widely used for body massage with bala,aswagandha and Laksha as the major ingredients of this blend, it is a very good nerve as well as muscle relaxant. At the same time it also rejuvenates the neuromuscular activities.

When used as a part of daily routine, it gives calmness as well as boosts up the energy levels of an individual.

“Bala” the word itself denotes strength. It strengthens the neuro muscular activities and regularise the nervous impulses and refluxes. It being a good pacifier of vata relieves stress and improves the overall functions of the body.

“Aswagandha” is considered to be the king of stress relievers. It has an adaptogenic effect and has an energizing as well as nourishing effect on body. Further it nourishes the skin and makes it soft and supple.
“Laksha” is a drug of choice in treating musculo-skeletal disorders.

Both internal as well as external use of this drug is indicated in conditions like paraplegia,hemiplegia,muscular palsy and dystrophy.

Herbsmello Aswagandha Moisturizer can be used in all age groups.

Herbsmello Moisturizer - Aswagandha

  •  Marketing & Rebranding JCommerce PVT LTD / HERBSMELLO
    Country of Origin ‎India
    Item model number JCOM1120
    Product Dimensions 100 ml, 200 ml
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